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Society of Financial Planners ("SOFP") is established to promote professionalism in financial planning. It recognizes and registers Certified Financial Planners who are in the field of financial planning.

Today, there are more choices in the number and types of financial assets and instruments than a decade ago. Complex financial instruments are promoted at banks, insurance companies and financial institutions with extensive media coverage. More than ever before, people look to financial assets to accumulate wealth in retirement and to reach their earlier financial goals. While everyone in the financial services business seems to be a financial planner, the SOFP is established to in the public interest by establishing and through continuous education, experience, code of ethics and professional responsibilities for Certified Financial Planners. The society also coordinates with international organizations that have similar objectives and find out the best practices in the Financial Planning Industry globally. The members of SOFP are required to take a holistic approach to assess and serve their client's financial needs. All members of SOFP meet regularly to exchange their views and experiences in Financial Planning practice.


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