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  • To unite all members together and try to increase feelings of equality, brotherhood ness, national integrity and friendship.

  • To spread education and its concerning activities in the field of financial planners in all its branches, to increase knowledge of Financial Planners, as well as' their professional interest for achieving welfare and development of common people who desires to seek guidance and advice.

  • To better equip financial planners to enable them to discharge their obligations towards advancement or promotion to trade commerce & industry thereby leading to economic prosperity for the benefit of entire community. To attend to all types of work obligations, to raise the standard of Financial Planners in the society to a very high level and to make all kinds of efforts for the welfare of these planners.

  • To set up/establish schools, institutions in the field of Financial Planning to give wide level knowledge and to arrange welfare programs ,exhibitions to reach specific goal and try to make country rich in that respect.

  • To co-operate and maintain for the benefit of the members of society constructive liaison with all organizations interested in the profession of personal financial planning such as Financial Planning Standards Board, India and other countries and various institution, schools, branches, chambers of commerce and Industries and other Trade Associations.

  • To submit views or make representation before government and other authorities, Committees, Commissioner or other concerned bodies on any subject affecting financial planners or any other matter covered under the objects of the society and to promote or assist the promotion of any legislation or regulation which may appear to be in the interest of the 'members of the society and to suggest improvement in the law affecting the profession. To disseminate useful knowledge regarding functions duties and responsibilities of financial planners for the guidance of members.

  • To arrange lectures conferences, social functions for meeting with a view to promote personal contacts amongst the members. To publish Journals, relating to financial planning profession. To print publish circulars, periodicals, books, leaflets and to distribute the same. To undertake Research programmes in this respect. To solve all types of problem in field of Financial Planning.

  • To grant necessary help to all people affected by natural calamities such as earthquakes, famine tempest, storms blood, tsunami etc..

  • To do all such other things that may be necessary for or incidentally or conducive to the aims and objects of the society or allied thereto.


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