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  List of Students
Name Email
Mr. Amit C. Sheth amitsheth67@gmail.com
Mr. Chakrapani T. Naidu moneyplanning@gmail.com; tcnaidu@rniscfp.org
Mr. Chirag K. Shah cksrules@gmail.com
Mr. Chirag Nanavati chirag.nanavati@in.com
Mr. Devansh A. Rupani d_rupani@yahoo.com
Mr. Dipesh K. Wadhel dipesh.wadhel8@gmail.com
Mr. Harish Naganna harish.naganna@gmail.com
Mr. Jigish Patel jigish.bsli@gmail.com
Mr. Karan Y. Gupta karan.g1988@gmail.com; karan@ste.co.in
Mr. Keyur B. Purohit myfinance.keyur@gmail.com
Mr. Narayan Prabhu narayanpprabhu@yahoo.com
Mr. Narayanan Vishwanath narayanan.vishwanath@gmail.com; vishwantahnarayanan @yahoo.in
Mr. Naresh Bhogilal Shah naresh_consultant@rediffmail.com; naresh6473@gmail.com
Mr. Paresh A. Shah pareshashah@vsnl.net; pareshashah@mtnl.net.in
Mr. R. Venkataraman vgvsvv@vsnl.net; r.venkat1960@gmail.com
Mr. Ravi Rajpal askravirajpal@gmail.com
Mr. S. Radhakrishnan sradhakrishnas@gmail.com; srk@pinnaclefinancialplanners.com
Mr. Sameer V. Dhuri sameerdhuri22@gmail.com
Mr. Sandeep A. Deshpande sandeep.anil@gmail.com
Mr. Sanjay Gupta modemail@gmail.com; modetricots@vsnl.com
Mr. Sanjay P. Singhania sanjaysnghn@yahoo.co.in
Mr. Sanjeev S. Shintre sanjeev.shintre@enam.com
Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh vinaysingh_2000@yahoo.com
Mrs. Visalakshy Vishwanath visalakshyv@gmail.com
Ms. Dimple A. Wasan dwasan2000@yahoo.com
Ms. Reenika Avasthi reenika.avasthi@gmail.com
Ms. Suchita D. Ambardekar suchitaambardekar@yahoo.co.in

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